When GMB over throne a democratically elected government of president Shahu Shagari, even after becoming the then military president, he kept on blaming Shahu Shagari for Nigerian problem instead of fixing the problem.

PMB have brought a new slogan,”CHANGE BEGINS WITH ME”, same president Buhari that said  CHANGE has not CHANGED.

Recently he said,”I WILL KEEP BLAMING THE PAST GOVERNMENT FOR NIGERIA PROBLEM”, little did PMB  realized that he can’t be exonerated from the present problem of Nigeria because he was once a military president.

Ever since this administration took over power, the followings are on the reverse gear:
(1)Exchange rate of Naira to Dollar is on a reverse gear.
(2)Employment opportunities have been placed on a reverse gear by the day.
(3)Stability in food produce and prices are on a reverse gear.
(4)Freedom of speech is on a reverse gear by using EFCC to silent apposition by all means.
(5)Free, fair and credible election is on the reverse gear.
(6)Their campaigned promises is on the reverse.
(7)Freedom of religion and justice is on reverse.
(8)Airline operating in Nigeria are on the reverse.
(9)Nigeria Labour Congress(NLC) and the Trade Union Congress(TUC) that are supposed to be fighting for the masses are on the reverse, etc.

Buhari administration has closed Nigerian border and stop importation of vital commodity without providing a palliative to cushion the effects of untold hardship on Nigerians. APC spent more than one year with five advisers on media, but no advisers on economy.

Before the past administration increased fuel price, they have  increased minimum wage.

With all campaigned of integrity Hon. Member Abdulmumuni have told Nigerians how APC government are secretly stealing from our treasury, but they keep telling Nigerians that there is no money and they did not come to share money while they are busy enriching themselves at the expense of the masses.

Although some gullible Nigerians have been brain washed to believed that it’s the past administration who are responsible for the present challenges.

However, i will like to go down memory lane. In 1999 when president Obasanjo(OBJ) was the president, the price of crude was $9 per barrel before it later increased to $20 per barrel. President Obasanjo met $3.7 billion in Foreign reserve. He didn’t point accusing finger on his predecessors instead he worked very hard and appointed competent ministers that helped Nigeria to revived the economy.

When APC came into power they met the followings:
(1)$30 billion in foreign reserve.
(2)$2.5 billion Sovereign Wealth Fund.
(3)$1.4 billion in ECA.
(4)$4.65 billion back taxes from NLNG.
(5)Buhari met an approved budget of #4.5 trillion.
(6)$2.7 billion collected by Inland Revenue in his first 8 months.
(7)$2.1 World Bank loan.
(8)APC government made 3 trillion on Single Treasurer Account(STA).
(9)APC discovered #2.6 trillion on recovered loots and
(10)$850 million grants from UK, USA and Europe.

Apart from the crude oil sold at above $38 per barrel today, what happens to the joint ventures profits, income from Customs, NIMASA and NPA? Are all these monies also looted and spent by the past administration?

With all these monies at APC disposal, APC have no reason  whatsoever to put Nigerians in this present hardship and predicament by refusing to take full responsibility.

PMB should negotiate with Niger Delta Avengers to end the current bombing of pipelines like OBJ, Yar’adua and GEJ did.
They are telling Nigerians to be patience while they are living in luxury and comfort with their families.

Dear God, we are looking up to you as a miracle worker heal our land.

God help Nigeria.




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