Fellow Citizens Of Kaduna State, I am not Congratulating you today because my heart is heavy with burden and Concern seeing the level of pains, suffering, chains, lack, poverty and the magnitude of bondage we have been thrown into by the present APC lead Administration.

So many have wondered why I have been silent over time, I want to assure you, my silence is for good, as I made up my mind not to say anything till enough time has been provided to clear doubts on what we knew and foresaw coming, now we speak with boldness coupled with facts and evidences on the level of insensitivity, anti-people policies, gross nepotism and the pleasure this government derives in seeing it citizens suffer.

Today, my heart is heavy seeing the standard of naira continually falling, the level of recession is alarming, and yet with the hardship, somebody that was elected to serve the people is thinking and working hard to render the vast majority of the populace homeless in the name of leadership.

Since the 29th of May 2015 when APC came on board with the change mantra, here are the few changes I have personally noticed:

1. Nigeria changed from the fastest growing economy into recession.

2. Changed from being a corrupt nation to a fantastically corrupt nation.

3. Change from managing national resources to wasting national resources.

4. Changed from technically defeating Boko Haram into empowered and licensed herdsmen killers.

5. Changed from being All Progressive Congress to All Promises Cancelled.

6. In Kaduna State, we have a waster of hard earned taxpayers resources on free feeding of primary schools that is not sustainable and without a conducive learning environment e.t.c

7. The present government is working hard to silent it citizens from airing their views and constructive criticism, this is not healthy for a developing and growing democracy.

8. INEC is no longer a national commission charged with the responsibilities of ensuring free, fair and credible elections, with what just happened in Edo State, and is about to happen in Ondo State and so many others INEC has now become APC’s Independent Electoral Commission, this should not be allowed to continue because it is unacceptable

9. Lastly, is our judiciary, the courts and our legal systems that are supposed to be the last hope for the common man, I have observed that most of our Judges in Nigeria are now corrupt, inept and lack the willpower to uphold the law, even after swearing to an oath.

The “get rich quick syndrome” that has plagued this country for years has destroyed the fabric of our society and the judiciary has become a willing tool in the hands of the executive instead of an independent arm of government as captured in the presidential system of government.

Justice is now for sale in Nigeria – the highest bidder will now have it. Ready-made judges are available for sale to the highest bidder. This is Nigeria’s reality. Unfortunately, there cannot be peace if there is no justice. And this is why we have Bokoharam, IPOB, NIGER DELTA AVENGERS, Oduduwa people’s congress and their likes. Many more secessionists groups might sprout given that there is no where aggrieved persons might run to and get justice.

Nigeria may eventually delved down into chaos in the absence of justice and the lili-livered judiciary we have that cannot grow the balls to look the executive in the face and say “This is Injustice.”

With so many corrupt public servants teasing our porous justice system and no hope of clear retribution, we are breeding more criminals who feel higher than the law of this land.

A strong, independent and incorruptible judiciary is the first step to nation building. Unfortunately, the pillar of our democracy is so loose that unless we purge the system of judges who are always quick to grant injunctions/protection to the thieves in our midst, Nigeria will remain stagnant in its quest for greatness if we don’t rise to salvage things now.

That is not leadership, true leadership passion is the discovery of a belief, a reason, an Idea, a conviction, or a cause-not just to live for, but also to die for, that focuses on benefiting mankind as a whole.

Do not seek greatness, but seek to serve others with your gift to the maximum extent that you can, and you will become a sought-after person.

True leadership is becoming a person who is valuable to others rather than a person of just position or fame.

The shortest distance to leadership is service. Genuine leadership is not measured by how many people serve you, but by how many people you serve.

I strongly believe that the greater your service, the greater your value to others, and the greater your leadership.

Loving the benefits leadership confers on you as a leader at the expense of dignity, value, and the welfare of others is an abuse of our power to lead.
True leaders are honest. There is no manipulation or deception as the APC leadership has done to Nigerians in their dealings with others or their pursuit of their visions. True leaders possess candor and a sense of self. They are true to themselves first and then to others.

As we mark the 56th Independence, we should be sober and reflect on the past mistakes and chart a new cause for this nation.

God Bless Kaduna State,

God Bless the Federal Republic Of Nigeria.


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