It is such a shame the way the northern elite, (the educated ones particularly) chose to arrest the issue of insecurity in Southern Kaduna and in Nigeria as a whole. A handful of commentaries from the northern part of Kaduna shows a high level myopic mindset. Clearly it depicts a caged fellow whose knowledge of the world is but an induction from the knowledge of their cave to meaning the world. Their only romance with the world appears to the tales told them at moonlight back then. The only true knowledge upon which they develop their premises in an argument is that told them by the masters and owners of the cave from of old as they appear far from the world of reality.

Dr. Abdussamaad Jibia presented himself one of such many fellows who say a lot about a world they truly know little about and a subject the know nothing about. In his piece that suggests a call on CAN to plead for peace, he insulted the academic achievement he claims by being economical with the truth and cheap with deciet. I wouldn’t have invested much time reading his piece but for the fact that it has gone far off reaching many and the authority he claims. An Academic Doctor that have not grown old enough to master objectivity is no PhD holder at all.

In his piece tagged; “Southern Zaria: Why CAN should beg for peace”. He Dr. Jibia laid a lot of falseful claims that demands answers and this is what I shall be doing quickly here.

First of all, a doctor of philosophy in whatever field should know well not to leave in the past, he should know clearly how to only make reference to the past and not dwell there in. Dr. Jibi shows he still dwells in antiquity when he reffers to Southern Kaduna as Southern Zaria in a way and manner he did. That was an intentional or better still calculated attempt to present the superiority of Muslims and Zaria over and above Christians and southern Kaduna which should not be a base for a 21st century Doctor of Philosophy in whatever field. To establish my claim of an attempt of establishing superiority of the Muslims, I invite each and old to assess his analysis of the North and what he refers the Middlebelt to “of the nineteen Northern states, Muslims outnumber the Christians in 16, with Christians having the majority in Plateau and Benue states. The two religious groups fare almost equally in Taraba state. Of the 19 elected governors in the North, 16 are Muslims representing 84.2 % while three are Christians representing 15.8 % in the North and 8 % nationwide. In the North Central geopolitical zones where they nicknamed the middle belt, there are more Muslims than Christians. Four of the six elected governors in the North Central geopolitical zone are Muslims with the other two being Christians. The meaning of these figures is that Northern Christians are a very small minority compared to their Northern Muslim compatriots. Their number is even much smaller when the country is considered as a whole”. To Dr. Jibia, Middlebelt is but a nickname, and this is an academic doctor who should know well his geography especially about a nation he calls his own. Dr. Jibia seem to be confusing political powers and influence with population. Dr. Jibia fails to acknowledge the fact that one fellow could exercise power over and above many without necessarily having a population number advantage over those or tribes he has power above. What the academic doctor hopes to achieve by laying such a foundation on his call for peace remains a contradiction to the thrust his piece would have claim.

As if to prove his biasness, Dr. Jibia made a claim thus: “Despite their small number, Northern Christians have taken a centre stage in any Government whether it is headed by a Muslim or Christian, Southerner or Northerner”. Need a rational fellow ask, how can a so defined nation’s miniature offers her such powers capable of occupying the ‘center stage’, worse so ” in any Government …”. I cannot help but wonder this. You see, a consistent lie is better than a contradictory truth. Let us suppose that Dr. Jibia is truthful with his analysis of the north and Middlebelt above, if so, would he then not be contradicting himself to say two (2) amidst sixteen (16) is occupying is taking the center stage in a democratic state where the two is globally know and insulted for nochalency with political matters?
What is the meaning of Christian occupying the center stage in a nation where Muslims have enjoyed rulership for as long as history can hold? What is the meaning of occupying center stage in a nation where Muslims with or with no merit are found at the top in almost each and every office. Let us get back home, how many Governors have Kaduna State produced? How many have been Christians? Time and again, in the present government, what is the ratio of Christian – Muslim in most especially appointive and sensitive positions? Let us use the trigger to this piece which is’security’, how many Christians are presently at the top of the security chain of the Federation?
Mine is not to provide answers to the public with regards to disproving Jibia’s position, mine as a Philosopher is to sting you into reasoning and researching for the true tale of the case as it is only by your finding the truth yourself that you better understand.

The academic guru have also claimed that “Over the past several decades, this cabal has devised several methods of sustaining their relevance. One of them is religious crises. From the mid 1980s when the Kafanchan crisis took place”. I challenge Dr. Jibia to substantiate his claim. I challenge him to prove how it is the Christians that started the crisis of Kasuwanmagani in Kajuru LGA, in 1980. He should prove that it was not the hausa traders who tried to take over Adara land with a claim that the land belonged to them.

This has been the politics, because the Muslims have so much dominated pover and control over the media in the north, the give the world all the lies about the crisis and thet is what Dr. Jibia is building on. A typical example is the Yarkasuwa crisis, then in Lere District in 1986, when the contest for the district headship of Lere ended with a bridge of security and the Kurama nation was blamed for the crisis which actually was a result of resistance by the people on Zazzaus quest for dominance of a people even in their own land as the District Head’s office was reserved for the Hausa Fulani of Lere town.

Is it also the Kafanchan 1987 crisis that was caused by Christians? Can Dr. Jibia argue logically that it was not the Muslim Student Society who attacked students of the College of Education in a christian Crusade holding in the the Kafanchan Campus of the College of Education?

Can the academic Doctor also substantiate his claim of Christians Starting religious crisis with the ABU, Zaria 1988 crisis where Muslim students attacked Christians over victory of Christian student in the students’ union elections that caused over 107 students injured, and christian students travelling home after the university had been closed also killed alongside similar deads recorded at Gwargwaji?

The Dr. Should also logically show how the Zangon Kataf 1992 riots were caused by christian and on religious matters. Also he should establish the role of the Christians in the 1999, ethno religious attacks against Southern Kaduna and other Christians in Kaduna North LGA, and its reverberations in Kafanchan and environs. The 2000, Sharia riots, when the KDHA arbitrarily proceeded to debate imposition of Sharia in Kaduna State. The riots were in Kaduna, Zaria, Kano, Katsinaetc, where Southern Kaduna people were killed, beaten, matcheted, etc. The year 2000 Federal College of Education, Zaria crisis where Christian students were attacked and killed and injured, and the Catholic Church burnt by Muslim students in the College.

I would also want him to build upon the fact that the 2011 election crisis was actually caused by the result of the then general elections where the Muslim Candidate lost to a Christian Candidate. Building on that fact known world over, I pray him to make clear how it is the Christians who caused this crisis especially since it is what is held as the cause of today’s security challenge by both government and those who refused to think beyond the news desk.

It is disappointing to note that an academic doctor would think that ” An average ordinary Christian in the North has been made to believe that his number one enemies are the Hausa/Fulani who enslaved his great grandparents and still marginalize his people and must therefore be totally eliminated from areas considered to belong to the Christian minority”. As if to say he is ignorant of the state and or region he is writing about. Does a young mind who had made nine (9) Distinctions in WAEC and NECO, Scored well above two hundred (200) points in Jamb, applied ABU or KADSU as first Choice but denied admission needs a prophet to tell him he is marginalized because of his religion when right before him a Muslim youth with lowered grades in SSCE and well below JAMB’s demands is offered admission? Do we need someone to tell us the tales of the past when the Hausa/Fulani would wait for the harvest time, visit our lands, empty our barns, kill our parents, rape our sisters, mothers and aunties and take them into captivity when the pages of history still holds that? Do we need a teacher to learn our tales when even the historians of old that are not only Christians have a records of this?

An academic doctor? An academic doctor should know well that the scholar today does not need be told before he learns of how Southern Kaduna have been and is being marginalized and treated as a second class citizen in a land legitimately his. The uneven distribution of industries and institutions is enough to speak this out. Imagine Ahmadu Bello University, Federal College of Education and other federal institutions all located in the Northern part of the state, what of the industries, what of the distribution of power, what of the delineation of Constituencies, Local Government, Political Wards and other structures. What about the deacrimination in admissions and employments, in youth empowerments and projects.
Let me give you a simple example. Visit Kafanchan town and findout for yourself that in the heart of the Twin which is divided along religious lines in the area the Emir’s place is located, while driving from Kafanchan NEPA runabout into the Kafanchan main town, from the General Hospital Junction be taking a look left and right as you move through you would realize something that shows this segregation by government from of old, you would realize that the side occupied by Christians, all the streets but Takau roads none is well constructed as the christianatch through dust, while the Muslim side, each street is well constructed as far as possible. Sadly the christian side is the highly enterprising area where tax is largely drawn. A similar thing is happening in Moro’a chiefdom now were the town is divided in to two in the ongoing constructions of Manchok streets, the part of Gizagwai, were the Manchok main market is located along side many other businesses, is excluded in the constructions just as in is the case in Kafanchan. Worthy of note is the fact that in the whole of Gizagwai area their is no Muslim settlement. Does that not send you a message.
Again, I invite you to look at the issue of media coverage, Southern Kaduna have so far been side lined with no media house but the one Rock side FM that is been manipulated and frustrated to an extend it still depends on the non reliable Kaduna Electricity Distribution Company for power to operate. What do you call that?
You know actually Dr. Jibia’s point is not clear, it is as if he is only saying southern Kaduna should be silent on the truth he knows, for to say he is ignorant of these things is to mean he is not worth his doctorial tag.

He equally alledge thus; “. Their definition of Hausa/Fulani itself is dubious”. What he means by that is what I cannot get from the lines that followed. I do not know if Dr. A Jibia could provide us with list of people Southern Kaduna Christians killed in the name of religion or for the sake of their been defined “Hausa/Fulani”. There is one fact we seem to be missing each time we talk about security issues in Nigeria. And that is the fact that you cannot separate the Hausa from the Fulani. I so feel that because from the start it was not even Fulani terrorism we battled with. For the records, let it be known that I said, the Fulani present dominance of terrorism against Southern Kaduna and the Hausa seeming indifference is but a phase two of the fight from the mid 1980s. It is worth while to note that from 1980 to about 2011, it has been the Muslims, Hausa I mean against the Christians while the Fulani lived in peace with us, now it is the Fulani, I bet you the Hausas may be silent, indifferent but not at peace. The Hausa is still the architect of the problem.
He who knows the north well would better afirm the fact that the Hausa man is one lazy fellow who has a strong desire for all goodness but at little or no cost. He wants power, wealth, firm and control over all but very lazy at working himself through the hard way. Trace through history you will notice the crazy crave for territorial ambition in the Northern man within southern Kaduna. Through the crisis from of old one would clearly see this desire to own and control southern Kaduna. He had attempt claiming ownership of the territory at all cost and cause but all in vain. Now he had device the plan of using the uneducated Fulani man by filling him with all hopes of Securing more than enough land in southern Kaduna for his cattle to graze. And the illiterate wanderer would do all for his cattle. Behind the scien what I see is a plan for this Fulani to win the land through war and the cunning Northern Hausa man will come and occupy. Sadly the Fulani man will not see it. He is blinded by religion and the love for his cattle.

Dr. A. Jibia claims he is the perfect source to refer to when one wants to know the mindset of Southern Kaduna as he says, “To understand the mindset of the people of southern Kaduna state, one has to hear from a person like me who was born and brought up in the former Kaduna state and who thus lived, schooled and interacted with the people popularly called ‘southern zaria’”. Point of correction Mr. Dr., Southern Kaduna is not a state yet, no has Kaduna state changed from being a state except if you mean before the creation of Katsina state, and if that is what you mean, then that is a long time ago which shows how you are left far off in the knowledge of Kaduna State talk less of Southern Kaduna. Besides, from the start Mr. Dr. With a good grasp of Southern Kaduna Mind, if you are unable to understand southern Kaduna as a geographical entity, her sorrows and joys, then I put it to you, you cannot authoritatively say a word about southern Kaduna as such I demand you keep mute than washing your dirt before the nations of rational beings.

Well I find the other claims of Dr. Jibia against Southern from here a contradiction in themselves and an act perfectly firing the definition of ‘trading deciet’. Like the claims about Southern Kaduna Christians killing Muslims in Zonkwa and other parts of southern Kaduna. All thses he claim on an election crisis where the southern Kaduna favoured candidate worn. Now you should judge. I worn an election, and I go killing someone whose candidate had threw statements that suggests “blood will flow” if he is not declared the winner, where is the logic from an under graduate, who have gone through a masters degree, and PhD here? Dr. A. JIBIA is indeed a betrayer of the university that granted him this academic excellence even if it were and honourary doctorial degree.

Southern Kaduna is a peaceful people, hospitable too, feel free to confirm for yourself. There are a many foreigners in southern Kaduna from different nations of the world, confirm from them and you will know the truth about southern Kaduna. What Dr. Jibia has attempted to do is to paint an ugly image of Southern Kaduna to also portray to the world that southern Kaduna Christians are the terrorist. I have made clear how the Government have made relentless efforts at frustrating any media coverage that attempt a coverage of the truth about southern Kaduna.

I wish to late the world know that Southern Kaduna people are a people every one would love to be with. I invite the international communities to visit I’m their neighborhood and see the Southern Kaduna indegines living their, those working in their industries, those they mingle with and those they see in their countries as a case study. Once you are able to identify one fellow as a southern Kaduna man or woman I’m your country, I challenge you to compare them with other Nigerians in your country that you can find and feed me back or the world with what you find out. In a Southern Kaduna fellow you will always see a hospitable, hard working, peaceful and loving fellow.

Again, I wish the international community to know that, but for the fact that Southern Kaduna Sons and daughters push had to tale their tells, nothing, I mean absolutely nothing will be their to know about southern Kaduna but the deciet that will be reported like this of Dr. Jibia. To further establish this fact, I want the international community to take a close look at reports of the happenings in southern Kaduna lately, from the pro-southern Kaduna side I mean, you would realize that, those for Southern Kaduna, those with the true tale have to leave the shores of southern Kaduna to places like Abuja, Lagos … Before they are heard or seen on air. I want the international community to investigate, why have CCTV, AIT, and other media houses not been able to present or broadcast from Southern Kaduna. I know of AIT’s visit to Kafanchan shortly after the last demustration, but they had to return to Abuja without achieving their aim of coming to Kafanchan because they were denied rights to carry out their assignment by the Local Authorities.

I call on Dr. Jibia to please grow up before talking on Southern Kaduna issues. He should grow beyond his religious, ethnic and whatever bias affiliation and tell the truth an honourable man in his position would.

J.F. Dabo

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