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The just concluded election in Edo State Nigeria was indeed a bitterly contested election, the election which was slated for 10th September 2016, was postponed to 28th September on the grounds of security intelligence report that was jointly announced by the Department of State Service (DSS) and the Nigeria Police Force. The election in Edo State was a test on our democratic processes and principles; again it was a test to ascertain the strength and weaknesses of our independent electoral body (INEC), and also a litmus test on how the 2019 general elections in the country might turn out to be.

Agree to it or not, the build up to 2019 elections has long began, trust our politicians their thoughts are on the next election, not the next generation. Already, serious consultation, meetings, familiarity and courtesy visit are been done with men and women that matters, the drama and melodrama happening at the top leadership hierarchy of the two dominant political party are not just a play written on a script, rather it is a show of interest and power to determine who get what, when, how, and where.

I may not be a good futurologist neither am i a political forecaster, but with the current happenings in the political space and polity, one might be tempted to gaze into the future to have an overview on what political future will hold in 2019. In 2015, it was obvious that the call to concede defeat by the incumbent to the key aspirant and later winner of the presidential election helped downsized the tension that grip the nation, thanks to that one ‘Call’ that saved the nation from being thrown into crisis. Permit me to ask then, will there be a repetition of history? Will the incumbent be thoughtful enough to place a call to concede defeat if he was defeated?

Since the President was an apostle of the gospel of change we thought by now he would have made some amendment that will make politics in Nigeria dis-interesting to politicians who use public offices as a medium to acquire and amass wealth, we thought by now considering the ugly economic realities facing the nation there will be transparency and drastic cut in the allowances and salaries of public officer, we thought in times like this having a minimum wage for political officers would have been in practice to reduce cost but NO. If it was done in this manner only those with purpose and desire to serve and effect change will via for public offices not some pen robbers.

2019 will usher us into real political gangsterism and a Machiavellian kind of politics, where every politician wants nothing but victory and is ready to give his all to ensure the game ends with him on the winning side, by 2019 ministers will rise against ministers, senators against senators, governors against governors, there might be yet another breakup to form a mega party to unseat the ruling party, election result will not be accepted easily as there will be wide protestation in different quarters, the masses have already lost faith in the governance structure, the hope they had on our democracy has long be dashed off no wonder voters apathy is endangering our elections.

On a lighter mood, we must not fail to remember that the same Dove that refuse flying up from the hands of Dame Patience Jonathan in Rev. Fr Mbaka’s Adoration Ministry, refused flying in the hands of President Buhari too. It seems Dove’s determine ones victory or failure in an election, if they do i leave you to be the judge. Remember it is just some 966 days to May 29th 2019, it so far, yet it is very close.

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