Daniel Musa Yerima


2019 polls is gradually ringing the bells, and every political leprosy, disease, and bankruptcy is invading every region, begging, wailing, pleading, for Re-election; what a tragedy! Our Nation at this point is already presenting to us a clarion call to resist from our former folly art, and destruction will flee from us.

Most civil movement have concluded, affirmed and finally believed that Nigeria is under the seize of endless imbecilic leadership. Countless opinions have labelled Nigeria as a Country which was once led by the youth , is now relentlessly been led by a cycle of robotic, stiff necked restless and inconsiderate old toothless and brainless men, that is why the country have continuously refused to advance; When 21st century economies, politics, institutions and technology is being wheeled by 18th and 19th century brains, developmental suicide is inevitable.

Considering these viral prostrate, there is no doubt that the truth is gradually been birth, I belief that countless Nigerians are beginning to stand on their toes, taking their destinies into their hands. Indeed, this is commendable. Hence, like Bishop Mathew Kuka said,
“Nigeria does not need a God-fearing leader, because God-fearing has become an excuse to appeal to Nigerians and win elections”

Hence, we need to revolt against corrupt and inhumane governance, deceit, political wickedness, blood spilling, visionless campaigns and unidealized manifestos.

Enough of voting in dogs, wolfs and beast into our political systems. Most of these men have vowed to never live by their political oath, but keep manifesting their tense degree of wickedness.

Nigerians, I mean those well wishing, committed, those who have had relentless dreams, those who are not intimidated by guns, threats, daggers, those who have prayed, fasted and had sleepless night for this country must wake up to this clarion call, and engage, demonstrate, be active, confront the future with drive for national progress.

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