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Indications emerged at the weekend that more APC members in Taraba are determined to shift base if Minister of Women Affairs, Hajiya Aisha Alhassan, gets the party’s ticket.

Taraba’s APC has been in disarray for sometime now with two major factions laying claims to the party’s leadership. KWARARAFA REPORTERS however gathered authoratively that the minister holds all the aces given her investments in the party.

Apart from her was chest of funds, Alhassan has cornered more of the Federal appointments given to the party at the state. She has also secured the confidence of some of bigwig in the party.

A source said she is the favourite of the party’s leadership in Abuja given her closeness to the likes of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu. Tinubu is said to be particularly interested in the Taraba polls.

He recently made attempts to broker peace between the warring factions of the party in the state.

KR learnt further that the APC has bought into Alhassan’s insistence that she could win the election this time around. The source said she believed that she won the election in 2015 but was muscled out by the PDP using federal might.

He said, “Hajiya is very optimistic. She thinks she can win the election this time since she believes she was robbed last time. Problem is many of her former supporters are disenchanted with her.”

KR sought the views of some ardent supporters of the APC in Taraba and got a sense that they may not be favorably disposed to support Alhassan if she vies for governor.

A party faithful who prefers to be called Bello said he won’t flow with his party should Alhassan get the party’s flag.

He said, “I supported Aisha Alhassan in the past but I don’t see myself doing so again. She has not convinced me that she is ready to be fair to all. Besides her comments about President Buhari is still ringing in my ears.”

Alhassan has since worked back her comments on Buhari when she recently welcomed his decision to run for office.

Many of her ardent supporters however continue to root for her believing she is the best aspirant the party can have.

The PDP is equally wishing for an Alhassan emergence as they believe she would be a “walkover”.


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