President’s Donald Trump’s “Shithole” remarks have drawn widespread criticism from several countries and also the United Nations. The US President is reported to have questioned why the US would want to have immigrants from “Shithole countries” such as Haiti and African countries. The statement of the US president has indeed aggravated the anger in the heart of Nigeria government. Validly, because Africa has remain the centrepiece of Nigerian foreign policy, any open challenge to Africa, is an insult to Nigeria, in our big brotherliness, the federal government has already summoned Stuart Symington the United State Ambassador to Nigeria, over Donald Trump’s usage of a demeaning term to describe African nation’s.

But for a moment, let call a spade a spade, are most, if not all African countries in a shithole status? It is laughable and mirthful, that our President is angered with the comments of President Trump, let’s go behind closed doors and swallow the bitter quinine of truth, which is, considering the current realities, intricacies and situation of our nation today, I make bold to say that the adjectival portraiture of “Shithole countries” is a perfect description of our nation Nigeria.

It is, in this same Nigeria, that the value of lives today is constantly diminishing, we only become emotional when we hear news carrying the death of great number of persons; it is only in shithole nations like ours that cattle’s life have more premium than those of its citizen. The carelessness and the lackadaisical attitude of our government has earned us the unfortunate status of shithole nations, the mindless bloodletting from Adamawa, Taraba, Benue state, Southern Kaduna and down to Chikun Local Government area in Kaduna state, should have pricked the conscience of our leaders and should force them to roll up their sleeves and step into action, but rather unfortunate that after every attack, the victims are left with a pitiable words of mare condemnation by the government, no arrest, prosecution or even an attempt to tackle the root causes of the attacks and the crisis.

The new status ascribed on us by President Trump, has forced us to search for varied definitions, of shithole which in its simplest form relates to physical dirt, extremely dirty, shabby, or otherwise unpleasant place. The unpleasant nature of Nigeria today characterised by hunger, joblessness, hopelessness, frustration, insecurity, suffering, pain, disquietude and grief in the land has made us accepted this status of shithole, the country have failed in harnessing and tapping into their great potentials of its youth have forced many to risk their lives in a horrible journey in search of greener pastures in foreign land, this buttress the point on why many Nigerian citizens in Libya have been reduce to the pariah status of being slaves in a foreign land. We are indeed ruled by a shithole government, that is why as at June 2015, unemployment rate was 8.2% of a labour force of 74million, meaning that about 6million Nigerians were unemployed and by September 2017, despite policies initiated by the government aimed at reducing the rate of unemployment and facilitate job creation, the unemployment rate has risen to 18.8% a labour force of 85.1 million, indicating that between 2015 and 2017, the number of unemployed Nigerians rose from 6million to almost 16million this is outrageous and inexcusable considering our large human and mineral resources in Nigeria.

The gospel truth therefore, I don’t know for you, like the biblical character Joshua will say, I make bold to say that, ‘but as for me and my household’ in 2019 we will not be misled by the wind of party loyalty, we will ensure that we go with those who can change the narrative of our nation, deliver to us the basic dividend of democracy, foster economic growth and build a secured and prosperous nation, were the lives and property of Nigerians will be a priority, in 2019 you have a responsibility to do away with shithole governments in Nigeria.

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