By George Makeri

The job creation skills of governor El-Rufai is unparalleled anywhere in the world. Yesterday 8 November 2016, Governor El-Rufai created house-to-house waste collection job for 1500 graduates who will each, employ ten other persons of lesser qualifications as sub-employees. This will make a total of 15000 persons employed by the state government.

Governor El-Rufai granted the company of a Yoruba lady, Abiola Bashorun, the Managing Director of ZL Global Alliance control over these graduates and monopoly over the house-to-house waste collection business. Meanwhile, the poor boys who used to do this house-to-house waste collection or some other persons who used to do it in a large scale to sustain themselves and their families, have been banned by the state government. The newly employed persons will commence work 1 December 2016 and anybody collecting waste without registering with ZL Global Alliance would be dealt with.

You will recall that in a town hall meeting in Saminaka on 27 February 2016, the genius of a governor boasted of creating over 125000 jobs to which he gave this breakdown:

1. School feeding programme – at least 85,000 jobs, including the vendors, their staff and supervisors.
2. School uniforms – 11,100 jobs.
3. Rehabilitation of schools – 7,542 jobs.
4. Construction of toilets – 6,285 jobs.
5. Solar boreholes – 5,028 jobs.
6. KASTELEA – 2,550 jobs.
7. Waste Collection – 6,700 jobs
8. Science and Maths teachers – 2,300 jobs

And today I am adding number

9. House-to-house waste collection – 15000

Total: 125000 + 15000 = 140000

Meanwhile, VIO was banned to pave way for the KASTELEA. Waste Collectors of the previous administration went on strike for non-payment and they were banned to bring in another. And today individuals involved in house-to-house waste collection are banned to pave way for 1500 graduates to be employ. This first class method of taking bread from the mouth of Mr. A and giving the same bread to Mr. B, and calling it bread production is really curious. Mr. A was taken out of employment so Mr. B can be employed and we call it job creation. Interestingly, this transfer of bread (craftily tagged bread production) is made without substance. The 85000 employed for the School feeding programme had gone on strike for non-payment that they were sacked and freshers employed. The 11100 employed for School uniforms had complained for non-payment too. The 2300 employed Science and Maths teachers too had gone on strike. The 2550 KASTELEA employed have their songs of sorrow. The story might not be different with 7542 employed for Rehabilitation of schools nor 6285 employed for Solar boreholes.

But then who are we to query the great visioner of a governor in his tireless and selfless service of making Kaduna Great Again? Perhaps in the near future, the Kaduna State Government may create more jobs for more graduates by banning ‘mai ruwa’ and getting graduates to do house-to-house supply of ‘ruwa’ in their stead to be supervised by yet another Yoruba-owned company. He may even ban shoe-makers, sugar cane sellers, ‘mai kosai’ etc and get graduates to substitute all. What better way to make Kaduna great again than getting graduates to become waste collectors? What other state can boast of having graduates as waste collectors if not the great Kaduna State under a great first-class governor?


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