Some 63 years ago,there lived an excellent father,a moral compass,a detribalized leader,the first paramount leader of the Piriga nations whose reign spanned fifteen years of fruitful, selfless and altruistic services to God and humanity. I referred to him often as a “small Jesus” because he was humility personified, justice epitomized and a paragon of humaneness whose advocacy for inclusive and holistic leadership/development of the human person especially the youths must be remembered. He was a good father, a caring husband and one of the best traditional rulers the state has ever produced because when I perused through the eulogies sent on his burial, I was convinced that he was a rare gem.

HRH proved most people wrong by his exceptional and unmatched sagacity in handling issues and people-he often used his heart not the head and without any academic credential to his credit as the source of his intellectual capital, he was able to solve complex and apparently unsolvable issues in his chiefdom and beyond, his interactions and transactions with and or among those with the highest academic credentials forced me to take a cue from him. In him I learnt to be courageous, homely, confident, prudent, charitable, creative and above all God-fearing.

Baba,the news of your emergence as the First Paramount Ruler of this great chiefdom came to me with an admixture of shock and surprise, I was shocked because you never struggled with or fought anyone for it. I was surprised because there was no amount of lobbying with the mathematical exactness of having “a king’s hand” in your emergence and subsequent coronation. What a lesson for me today-to always go to God using my knees and not bow to man for favour using my feet, little wonder you were popularly referred to as “sarki ba ka maula”, you never bowed to futility, no economic might cowed you, indeed, you were an accomplished leader, what a lesson for me to emulate; self-mastery and control over my appetite are sure ways to maturity and greatness. As the world stood still to mourn you, I am wounded to the heart and may not be cured for you were the greater part of my soul, the delight of my life, my role model and great mentor. We shall triumph over our pains and loss by the grace of God, we shall conquer the evils and pangs of division, yet, the survivability of this prayer depends on our unity which we pray for. As we remember you today, pray for us too. May the labour of your hands never go in vain ,may the angels guide and lead you, may darkness never cover your soul. May we experience peace, love, equity, security and prosperity in our land. It is hard to say rest in peace or refer to you as a late. I heard cries from Kahugu nation,I saw tears in Kurama, Kinugu lands, the number of wailers from Piti were uncountable, the Amo, Gure, Fulani and others mourned you, yet, I still have a heartache! You paid your dues; it was in you I got a clue of the nature and substance of the Kahugu man! You came, saw and tried your best. Most importantly, during your reign, you preserved the “undivided unity” of your people, for these I salute you. I am learning how to accept this reality because “every baby is old enough to die”. Rest on the great one, sugura dumana marib. Nongo marib. I miss you and hope to see you again in the world to come. If money were to save your life, if human soul can only be shared, if tears can raise the dead, this tribute would not have been written for you. In you I saw the “democracy of death”. Good bye, rest on.

BY Princess Gimbiya Sarah S Angai.

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  1. That was a great tribute. What more could a father ask from a daughter. May the Lord continue to console you, the Chiefdom and the good people of SK.

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